Holiday Essentials

Holiday Essentials

Holiday Essentials

It’s the summer and you’re packing for your family vacation. Sunglasses? Tick. Sun cream? Tick? Beach towels? Tick.

There are many items that we consider as our holiday essentials, but here’s India from our Marketing team telling us what she’s packing this summer.

Tell us where you are off to this summer?

I’m going to Tulum, in Mexico for two weeks.

Why did you choose Tulum?

My husband and I went before, in 2018 and we absolutely loved it. We stayed at Coco Beach, drank Pina Coladas by the sea and ate the most delicious fish tacos at I Scream bar. We didn’t have children then, but we saw lots of babies – we now have two little ones and want to see if it’s as child-friendly as it seemed!

So, less Pina Coladas on the beach this time?


What’s your skincare routine look like on holiday?

I’m very bad with my skincare routine now I have children. I need things to be simple and quick. I cleanse with GloMask Papaya Enzyme Sorbet, Tone with Pixi Glow and then I use the Seacra Recovery & Repair Gel and my Ultraviolette Queen Screen in factor 50.

What is your skincare holiday essential?

I have very fair skin and I always burn no matter what factor sun cream I apply or how frequently I apply it. Seacra Recovery & Repair contains red algae gel, which is rich in antioxidants. These combat UV rays and can save my skin even if the UV rays bypass my regular SPF!

Using the Seacra Recovery & Repair not only have I found that my skin looks incredible but it works so much better than after sun. It reduces redness, itchiness and that horrible tight feeling in twenty-four hours!

And finally, what’s your holiday weakness?

Cold beer and holiday crisps!