How to get rid of sunburn in 24 hours

How to get rid of sunburn in 24 hours

How to get rid of sunburn in 24 hours?

It’s the 21st century, we no longer have to carry around a Walkman and twenty CD’s to listen to our favourite music. But if we get sunburnt, we still have to lie in a cold bath, slathered in sticky aloe vera.

We all know we shouldn’t stay out in the sun too long. We all know that we should wear sun cream to protect ourselves from harmful rays. But we all still get sunburnt from time to time.

When we researched using red algae in skincare, even we were surprised by the myriad of benefits.

One of the more unusual benefits we discovered was the ability for our Recovery & Repair Gel to diminish the effects of sunburn in twenty-four hours.

Rub our Recovery & Repair Gel into the affected area and within twenty-four hours, that tight, itchy feeling and the redness will have disappeared.

Based on the results of our clinical trials, we have determined that red algae can be used to treat skin redness. In fact, 90% of women who participated in these trials noticed a decrease in their skin's redness over a 28-day period.

We always advocate wearing sun cream and avoiding sitting out in the direct sunlight, particularly at the hottest points in the day. However, we realise that sometimes, even for the most sun-conscious of us, we still get sunburnt.

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