Natural Skin Repair

One Step Closer to Natural Skin Repair

For thousands of years, humans have used plants for healing. Let’s stick to what has worked well in the past, rather than relying on chemical-based skin care products that are causing more damage than good. By choosing natural skincare products, you’ll be one step closer to recreating a time where humans were respectful to nature, both in our actions and what we put on our skin.

For people with sensitive skin or any other condition, finding a natural skincare routine is important. This is because these products will help you cope with sensitive skin. You may have tried to make your own skincare treatment, but you didn't have the right tools for the job and the texture wasn't satisfying. Switching to homemade natural skincare can be tricky, instead we offer organic skincare products that are both effective and safe on sensitive skin.

Red Algae: Skin Repair Ingredient from The Sea


Red Algae is known for its remarkable health benefits, and is often referred to as "miracle water" because of the wide variety of health benefits it offers. It moisturizes the skin, promotes blood circulation, increases skin cell renewal and metabolism, reduces inflammation, and boosts the skin's ability to resist the damaging effects of the environment. As a research article published recently in MDPI journal showed.

SEACRA® specialize in developing marine-bio Red Algae infused skincare products. The ingredients are 100% naturally derived, cruelty-free, clinically proven, sustainable and packaging are made from 100% recycled materials. We are committed to creating something unique, innovative and sustainable that ensures the best future for your body and our planet. We devote ourselves to creating organic skincare products.

We developed the perfect aid for recovery and repair, the Red Algae Recovery and Repair Gel.

Benefits of Red Algae on Your Skin

  • Repair And Rehydrate: Red Algae’s bioactive compounds may help in skin's natural repair process and prevent moisture loss. This helps your skin function properly, as nature intended.
  • Exhibit Anti-Aging Property: Fatty acid-like palmitic acid and its derivatives in Red Algae are known for their antioxidant, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging characteristics, as this article in NCBI reported.
  • Minimize Sensitivity and Redness: Red algae has been shown to increase cell turnover and metabolism, as the research article in MDPI showed. And thus, can minimize the appearance of redness and strengthen skin's natural barrier.
  • Improve skin tone: Red Algae has skin softness and elasticity restoring properties as a research article from NCBI stated, which makes it a great ingredient for people with dry or damaged skin, as well as those in search of a sensitive skincare routine.
  • Protect From External Stressors: Red Algae contains sulfated polysaccharides that are known as photoprotective substances that aids in protection from environmental stressors, as a research article in NCBI reported.

Join Our 30-Day Recovery & Repair Challenge!


At Seacra, we invite you to join our community of people dedicated to improving their skin with our Red Algae Recovery and Repair Gel. We have top researchers and scientists who are working to provide our community the best results. 

If it sounds interesting to you, we're giving away our Repair and Recovery Gel to people joining our community. Our team will walk you through a 30-day challenge in which you send us the before and after results of your skin every two weeks.

We believe in the power of natural products- from sustainable growing methods to time-tested recipes and proper ingredient selection, we challenge you to see how Natural Science can change your skin.