Top 5 Triggers of Rosacea: Avoid Flare-ups & Get Quick Relief

Top 5 Triggers of Rosacea: Avoid Flare-ups & Get Quick Relief

You're already familiar with rosacea's struggle and know how it disrupts your daily routine.

But have you ever considered what specific triggers could be causing your flare-ups?

Here are the top five triggers to ensure your skin stays as calm and comfortable as possible.

1. Too Much Sun Exposure

Feeling the heat? Sun exposure is a common trigger for rosacea, leading to uncomfortable flare-ups. You must protect your skin, limit sun exposure, and always wear sunscreen.

2. Constantly Feeling Stressed

High-stress levels trigger rosacea symptoms. It's not just about managing your skin—it's about managing your stress levels too. Add calming activities to your routine, like yoga or meditation.

3. Drinking Alcohol and Coffee

We know this is a hard one to accept, but both of these habits agitate your rosacea. Swap your morning coffee with tea and limit your alcohol intake when you are out with friends.

4. Harsh Skincare Products

Does your skin rebel against your skincare routine? Certain skincare products can trigger rosacea without even knowing about it. Instead choose Rosacea-friendly skincare like Seacra.

5. Spicy And Processed Foods

Love the spice or eating? Both of these foods can cause a flare-up. It's a constant balancing act of enjoying your food while managing your symptoms. Opt for milder flavours and eat at home.

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