Key Results From Clinical Trials

Based on 20 volunteers with facial redness and blemishes.


reported their skin redness decreased.


reported their skin was smoother


reported their bumps & blemishes have faded


agreed their skin was brighter.


reported improvement in their skin elasticity


agreed there was a decrease in wrinkles.

These Women Cleared Their Rosacea & Acne In Just 28 Days

Day 0

Whether it was acne, rosacea or blackheads, our consumers we desperate for better!

We instructed them to apply Seacra Recovery Gel twice a day to their face and neck as Red Algae starts to work its magic.

Day 28

Nearly a month after using the Seacra Red Algae Gel, the results were simply amazing!

  • skin redness decreased by 20.98%
  • skin hydration increased by 17.46%

With 97% success rate at repairing your skin and clearing Rosacea, what are you waiting for?

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Using the power of revolutionary Red Algae