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Red Algae Gel - Refill Pack

Refill your glow game and save the planet with our Refill Pack. Just make sure you've got the original bottle first!
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Uh-oh! Red Algae Recovery Gel running low? Keep calm, we've got your back!

Behold Seacra's Refill Pack – the super convenient lifesaver to top up your supply.

Not only will you continue to glow with confidence, but you'll also be saving the planet.

Hurry and grab your Refill Pack now to achieve all of your beauty dreams.

How To Use

Refilling your Red Algae Gel is as simple as 1-2-3:

1. Unscrew the pump and take out the empty refill
2. Screw in the new refill and position it correctly
3. Screw the pump back and keep enjoying

Don’t forget to recycle the empty refill!

Key Ingredients

Red Algae: The superstar ingredient! With 30+ healing benefits like reducing wrinkles and clearing rosacea, it's your skin's BFF.

Jojoba: Deeply moisturises, nourishes, soothes, protects, and regulates the skin's natural oils and pH balance.

Calendula: Provides anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, effectively soothing, repairing, and protecting the skin.

Chamomile: Clears acne, it has antioxidant and soothing properties, effectively calming and healing the skin.

Full List: Water, Chamomile flower extract, Calendula flower extract, Red Algae Gel, Carbomer, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerine, Jojoba seed oil, Glycerol, Salicylic acid

Red Algae Gel - Refill Pack
Red Algae Gel - Refill Pack
Red Algae Gel - Refill Pack
Red Algae Gel - Refill Pack
Natural Ingredients
Perfect For All Skin Types

Refill Your Bottle In 4 Easy Steps

Make A Positive Impact To The Environment

Did you know millions of skincare products damage the environment each year?

Seacra wants to make a positive impact, so we are using a 100% recyclable packaging and refill system.

Plus, you can save 15% off on every order.

Does Seacra Really Work?

Don't take our word for it, read what our customers are saying!

Got Questions?

How does the Refill Pack work?

It's simple! Just order the Refill Gel Pack. Once it arrives, unscrew the empty bottle from the original packaging and replace it with the new refill bottle.

Ensure you have the right size and the original bottle.

What sizes does the Refill Gel Pack come in?

The Refill Gel Pack comes in the same sizes as the original product: 30 ml and 50 ml.

Is the refill product the same as the original gel?

Yes, the refill is exactly the same as the original product. It has the same great benefits and is made from the same natural ingredients.

How do I recycle my old bottle after using the refill?

After you replace your old bottle with the refill, you can recycle the old bottle in your local recycling program.

Do I need to have the original bottle first?

Yes, you do. The refill pack is designed to screw into the original Seacra gel bottle. So, you need to have the original bottle before you can use the refill pack.