This Valentine’s Day, show your skin some love

This Valentine’s Day, show your skin some love

Great skin starts with self-love. And good skin care.

Too often we speak to people who are unhappy in their skin. Think about the amount of time we often spend looking in the mirror, preening and poking?

If you think you’re having a bad skin day, month, or year we’re hear to tell you that it’s not you. It’s your skin barrier. And we have 25% discount when you purchase two products this Valentine’s Day.

What is the Skin Barrier?

Your skin barrier is your body’s frontline defence against toxins and bacteria that penetrate the skin.

The outermost layer, called the stratum corneum, is like a brick wall. It consists of tough skin cells called corneocytes that are bound together by mortar-like lipids. This is your skin barrier.

Inside the skin cells, or “bricks,” you’ll find keratin and natural moisturisers. The lipid layer contains:

Cholesterol, fatty acids, ceramides.

Your skin barrier, or acid mantle, is also slightly acidic. It has a specific PH, which is crucial to protect your skin against bacteria, viruses and fungi that could damage your skin and lead to further skin conditions.

Why is the Skin Barrier Important?

Without your skin barrier, various harmful environmental toxins and pathogens could penetrate your skin and cause adverse effects inside your body.

Additionally, without your skin barrier, the water inside your body would escape and evaporate, leaving you completely dehydrated.

How Do I Damage my Skin Barrier?

Many things can damage your skin barrier:

  • Humidity
  • Over exfoliation or over-washing
  • Exposure to harsh chemicals
  • Too much sun
  • Stress
  • Genetic Factors such as Psoriasis

What does a Damaged Skin Barrier Look Like?

A damaged skin barrier can present itself in many ways:

  • Acne
  • Redness
  • Dry patches
  • Sensitive or inflamed skin
  • Infections

So, now when you look in the mirror, you may think it’s not me, it’s my skin barrier.

How Do I Improve the Health of My Skin Barrier?

As you can see the skin barrier is extremely important and there are several ways you can improve it and restore it back to full health. Visually, this will result in a smoother, refined texture of your skin, increased hydration, plumper, softer skin, less breakouts, flare-ups, and sensitivity and even that coveted glow.

Simplify your routine: Instead of using multiple products with harsh chemicals that you don’t really know what they do. Strip your routine back to basics.

Natural ingredients: Many medicated products contain harsh, toxic chemicals. Strip the products back, check the ingredients and look for products that repair.

Hydrate: Look for products that hydrate the skin, helping to restore the levels of hydration in your skin barrier.

Red Algae, the only thing to Love this Valentine’s Day

Red Algae is a super ingredient when it comes to most things but especially the skin barrier. Red Algae is a super hydrator with hydration levels that surpass even Hyaluronic Acid. It’s also rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients such as Vitamin A, B, C, D and E that help rebuild the strength and health of cells.

It’s also nature’s strongest antioxidant and is rich in anti-inflammatories, helping it to fight off bacteria, pollutants, environmental factors such as UV rays and free radicals.

Top Three Products to Love Your Skin This Valentine’s Day

Red Algae Cleansing Soap Bar: Our unique Red Algae Cleansing Bar. Intensely hydrating while tackling all signs of inflammation and dry skin. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and moisture for a delicate cleanse. It’s rich in coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter and castor seed oil to hydrate inflamed skin at every level.

Red Algae Recovery & Repair Gel: Our best-selling Red Algae gel. Tackles blemishes, redness, pigmentation, dry skin, fine lines, and wrinkles all while intensely nourishing and moisturising the skin. It tackles inflammation and soothes irritated skin. It gradually repairs the skin barrier, while providing unparalleled moisture and nourishing the skin with vitamins and minerals. It’s made with Chamomile, Calendula and Jojoba Oil to soothe the skin.

Red Algae & Collagen Glow Shot: The first Collagen shot of its kind. Collagen and Red Algae for the ultimate anti-ageing Glow Shot. Boosting gut health, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory levels to tackle skin conditions from the inside out.

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