The Seacra Story

We have a mission. To be the number one sustainable choice for your skin and our planet by harnessing the unique power of Red Algae.

Love your Skin Barrier

Seacra was founded in 2021, when we realised that most skincare treatments unintentionally damage the skin barrier, resulting in more harm than good. We want to inspire people to use gentle yet effective skincare that works with your skin barrier and not against it.

  • Sustainable

    Simple, effective skincare that’s good for people and planet. We believe in the power of good and protecting our world for generations to come. 
  • Natural

    Harnessing nature’s most powerful antioxidant to create effective, natural skincare. Using natural ingredients means less impact on our planet. Simple.
  • Conscious

    A sustainable, responsible skincare choice that uses fully recyclable and refillable packaging. 

The Power of Red Algae

Red Algae is rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients and can repair the structure of your cells, strengthening the skin barrier. Red Algae also contains natures strongest antioxidant, known as Astaxanthin, making it key at targeting inflammation and an all-round powerful ingredient. 

By cold pressing the Red Algae we’re able to preserve the highest concentration of vitamins and minerals resulting in a potent formula for your skin that is entirely natural.

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Healing From Within

We’ve clinically tested our products to ensure that while they are natural, they are as effective as their medicated counterparts.

We want our products to become the heroes of your skincare routine, to reap the benefits of this powerful natural antioxidant, resulting in your ‘best’ skin.

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