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How to use the Refill

The Refill of our original Recovery & Repair Gel. Our cost efficient and sustainable refill program allows returning customers the option to buy refillable cartridges saving money and responsibly reducing waste. Each Refill cartridge is available at a 15% discount when compared to purchasing the original bottle.

Save even more when purchasing refills as part of our bundle offers.

What to expect using our Recovery & Repair Gel:
  • 28 days

    • Your skin will retain moisture & increase hydration by an average of 17% - resulting in a shinier, smoother and even skin tone.
    • Redness and inflammation will have decreased by an average of 20%. 
    • Bumps, blemishes and acne will have diminished in size. 
  • 56 days

    • Your skin will be less prone to breakouts 
    • By now, you will see a significant reduction in redness & inflammation.
    • Previous bumps, blemishes and acne will be less visible
    • scarring will become less visible.
    • The skin regained its healthy colour and will feel soft, supple and smooth.
  • 84 days

    • Acne, blemishes & bumps will disappear.
    • The skin is plump, glowing & smooth.
    • The skin is clear and congestion free.
    • The skin's barrier is strong and resilient.
    • Dark spots & hyperpigmentation will begin to fade.
    • Wrinkles and fine lines will be reduced.