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Rosacea affects 1 in 10 people in the UK, with many not knowing how to effectively tackle it. Our Recovery & Repair Gel offers a natural solution, clinically proven to reduce redness by 21% in just 28 days. Read more about it here.

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"Beautiful product. It has helped my skin look more even, less red and irritated, and appear generally healthier and fresher. I appreciate the refill option to be more environmentally mindful. I'm glad I invested in this product, it's truly worth it."


"I have been using this gel for nearly 3 months now and can certainly say it has reduced the redness in my face. I have fairly severe rosacea over most of my face and this gel is the only product that I have tried that has reduced the redness - I still have some but as stated before I am pretty red! It has definitely calmed down and I will continue to use."


"For 30+ years I’ve struggled with Rosacea, dry, broken skin.. and awful red burning flare ups. I can honestly say that since I’ve started using this gel the change in the feel and appearance of my skin has been incredible, it’s soft, calm and comfortable and the amount of comments I’ve had about having baby soft skin on my face are countless… just thank you… that’s all I can say."


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Rosacea Awareness Month was established to shine a light on a condition that's often misunderstood. It's a time to spread knowledge, debunk myths, and bring together a community that's seeking answers and support.

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