Does Red Algae Brighten Your Skin?

Does Red Algae Brighten Your Skin?

Red Algae is a key ingredient if you’re looking for something to brighten and lighten your skin and give you a smooth, five-star glow.

Red Algae is rich in anti-melanogenic properties and 6,000 times more effective at fighting reactive oxidative species than Vitamin C itself.

How has Red Algae evolved to be a super-ingredient?

Red Algae’s presence in the deep ocean would have been destroyed by ultraviolet light without a powerful antioxidant. In order to survive these ultraviolet radiations, the algae has evolved a bioactive compound called Astaxanthin - nature's strongest known antioxidant which is 6,000 times more potent than Vitamin C. In the same way, this powerful antioxidant fights off free radicals in your skin that leads to premature ageing and other problems like acne or rosacea.

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What is the Recovery & Repair Gel and How does it Brighten My Skin?

The Recovery & Repair Gel is rich in our natural source of Red Algae. 

The Red Algae helps to firm and tighten skin while also lightening dark spots, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and accelerating cell renewal to give you that coveted "glow."

After 28 days, 97% of women in our clinical study were thrilled with the results of our Recovery & Repair Gel at treating acne, rosacea and giving them a five-star glow.

Combining the power of Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid

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Imagine the feeling of being able to wake up every day and look at your reflection in the mirror, seeing smooth, radiant and glowing skin? If you have ever suffered from sensitive, dry or dehydrated skin, you’ve probably been dreaming about this moment. But how do you achieve it?

You've probably heard of Retinol and hyaluronic acid- two popular skincare ingredients. However, some people who use retinoid products experience a side effect called "Retinisation," which causes peeling and redness.

Red Algae is a natural, effective alternative to retinol due to it’s high concentration of Vitamin A.

As for hyaluronic acid, it is a humectant that draws moisture to your skin, but under low humidity conditions it actually pulls water out of your skin and increases transdermal water loss. This causes dryness that you may notice as flaking or scaling on the surface of your face.

Preventing skin dryness means layering your hyaluronic acid serum with an occlusive ingredient—one that forms a physical barrier on the skin and thus locks in moisture– this is known as ceramide, rosehip or squalane oil. Instead of using two separate products—one to draw moisture into the cells and a second that creates an impenetrable barrier against future evaporation—you can use one ingredient which does both: Red Algae.

Red algae gel is a popular ingredient in moisturisers, thanks to its hydrating and moisturising properties. It has been shown that the bioactive compounds in red algae have a greater hydrating and moisturising effect than hyaluronic acid.

With long-term use of the Recovery & Repair Gel, you can maintain smooth, healthy-looking skin with a natural glow.