Is Red Algae Good For Rosacea?

Is Red Algae Good For Rosacea?

Why is Red Algae Good for Rosacea?

Rosacea is a skin condition characterised by persistent redness around the cheeks, chin and nose. It affects approximately 18% of the population. Although there is no cure for rosacea, you can effectively manage the condition by making some lifestyle changes and treating flare-ups when they occur.

Red Algae is one of those ingredients that has a never-ending list of benefits. One of its core benefits is helping to tackle inflammation, that is anything from Rosacea, to blemishes to problem in the gut. Red Algae is a great tool to help with managing your Rosacea, and here we explain why.

The Benefits of Red Algae for Rosacea?

There are three components you should look for in a rosacea treatment: Antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and nutrients and Red Algae has them all.

  1. Red Algae is rich in Antioxidants. Exposure to environmental stressors such as UV rays, smoke and chemicals can cause your skin's cells to produce excessive amounts of reactive oxygen species (ROS). This overproduction may trigger inflammatory skin diseases like Rosacea. Antioxidants can be your best weapon against ROS.
  2. Red Algae contains one of the most powerful antioxidants—Astaxanthin. This substance is six thousand times more effective than Vitamin C at neutralising free radicals and 550 times better than Vitamin E in this respect. Explore the power of antioxidants with our Red Algae Recovery & Repair Gel and see visible improvements in your skin’s redness and irritation. Discover Red Algae Recovery & Repair Gel.
  3. Red Algae is rich in anti-inflammatories. Anti-inflammatories are a second important part of treating rosacea. People with Rosacea have higher levels of an inflammatory mediator called cathelicidins, which are part of the skin's defense system. Red Algae contains bioactive compounds that can inhibit the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines and reduce the expression of inflammatory genes. This makes it an effective rosacea treatment.
  4. Red Algae is rich in nutrients. Some of the most important things to include in your rosacea skincare routine are nutrients. Our bodies are like sponges: they absorb the things we put into them. If we consume unhealthy food and chemicals, our bodies will not be healthy—and diseases will manifest themselves.

However, if we keep our bodies healthy and well-nourished, they are better equipped to heal themselves from rosacea or any other skin condition.

Chemical Versus Natural Treatments For Rosacea

While chemical treatments may provide an immediate relief for Rosacea, they often come with side-effects. These side-effects can vary from debilitating stomach cramps and sickness to further skin sensitivity and flare-ups leading you to stop the medication; and the persistent cycle of your Rosacea starts again.

Rosacea is a skin condition that makes your skin sensitive. Your skin is more sensitive than others and more affected by external environmental parameters. If you have sensitive skin, there would be guidance around using cleaning products with strong chemicals in them such as detergent, as this may make your hands flare up – this is the same for your face.

Although you may get a faster result by using chemical products, the results are not sustainable. You cannot use medicated cream every day for the rest of your life or take tablets every day. The medicated products will work very quickly because they physically constrict the blood vessels to your face. Due to the harsh nature of these chemicals you will see multiple side-effects such as dry skin, irritation, soreness not to mention stomach cramps, sickness, headaches. The same as it wouldn’t be wise to take paracetamol daily, it would not be wise to use a cream that physically restricts your blood vessels every day.

When you stop using the cream or taking the tablets, your Rosacea will flare-up again and you will find yourself in a constant cycle of bad skin and emotional dissatisfaction.

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Natural Red Algae as an Alternative Rosacea Treatment

Astaxanthin, the bioactive compound in Red Algae, helps to reinforce the skin’s barrier by producing healthy cells. After 28 days of using the product, 100% of volunteers with skin prone to Rosacea and redness reported a 21% reduction in redness. This makes Red Algae gel a safe rosacea treatment.

Astaxanthin has many benefits. While helping to diminish redness it will also be working on creating a five-star glow, reducing fine-lines and wrinkles and working as a super hydrator and barrier against reactive oxidative species such as pollutants.

Red Algae is basically a superfood for your skin – containing higher quantities of all those medically charged buzzwords such as Azelaic acid but with no side-effects. Forget treatments that cause redness and dryness, flare-ups or even raging sensitivity: think about something sustainable—both physically and mentally.

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