How the Recovery & Repair Gel Changed My Life - Martha’s Story

How the Recovery & Repair Gel Changed My Life - Martha’s Story

Martha is twenty years old and works at an animal rescue centre. Martha was introduced to Seacra over six months ago, when her mum saw the product on Instagram.

Martha suffered with acne for years and it was making her feel self-conscious and unhappy.

We asked Martha a few questions about her experience with the Recovery & Repair Gel to help you understand how it works, the time it takes to repair your skin barrier and to help you get to know Red Algae as an ingredient better.

How the Recovery & Repair Gel Changed My Life - Martha%u2019s Story

Can you tell our readers about the struggle with your skin?

"I’ve tried many different products to try to make my skin look less spotty and feel less greasy. I would use face masks, face scrubs, and different face cleansers. Nothing really worked over long periods of time and overall, my skin would be left in a worse position than when I started."

The reason for this is your skin barrier. The skin barrier is vital to keep hydration and nutrients in and bad things such as pollution, reactive oxidative species etc out. Chemical products are harsh and abrasive on the skin, they further weaken the skin barrier. The weaker the skin barrier, the more permeable it is to allow these pollutants and the bad things in which causes your skin to get inflamed and produce unwanted reactions such as spots, redness and dryness.

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Did you ever visit a dermatologist?

"I never went to a dermatologist, however my mum said I should. I thought it was just to do with my diet - a lot of sugary, yummy foods (it probably was a bit of that)."

Diet is also key to the health of your body and your skin. Everything starts with your gut and inflammation that presents itself on your skin is often due to inflammation in the gut. Hormones also play a part in your stress levels and levels of inflammation and at certain times of the month or around stressful periods in your life such as exams or new jobs, you may see your skin flare-up. It is important to stick to the routine that works for you and not panic. As you relax and as long as you are consistent, your skin will calm down again.

Can you tell us about your journey with the Seacra Recovery & Repair Gel?

How the Recovery & Repair Gel Changed My Life - Martha%u2019s Story

"I was offered the product free of charge for weekly pictures in return to see how my skin was improving.

For the first few weeks, I really didn’t see much of a change in my acne. However, my skin did start to look glowy and bright very soon after starting to use it. After a month or so, I really started to see my skin changing - less spots were breaking out and my face felt a lot better and less greasy. I was then told by the Seacra marketing team that my skin might be reacting to the soap I use to cleanse my face in the shower (if it had sodium lauryl sulfate in it, which it did). I stopped using those cleansers and using the seacra red algae soap they provided me. After 2-3 months my acne had completely cleared up on my forehead and acne scars had faded.

I am still using the product after 9 months and my face looks and feels amazing. I rarely have any breakouts anymore. I will never go back to using my old skin products!"

The Recovery & Repair Gel is made with natural ingredients with Red Algae at the core. Natural ingredients take longer to work in the body than chemical ingredients. The Red Algae works by changing how your cells react and strengthening the skin barrier, this takes time. Good things don’t happen overnight. The key is being consistent and looking at the other ingredients in your skincare routine. If you have any questions, you can email the list of ingredients or other products you are using and our clinical team will take a look and offer you some advice.

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What are your confidence tips for other women out there who may be feeling low about their skin?

"Don’t give up! I know I’ve definitely wanted to give up because it felt like it wasn’t working, and I was still getting lots of spots. However, these things take time to work with your skin, you may get a reaction (more outbreaks, more redness etc) and it may take a few months or a lot longer but, in the end, it will definitely be worth it!"

Thank you once again, Martha, for your trust and partnership. We’re really glad that we were able to offer you a new routine.

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