Party Ready: Six Tip to Get Glowing Skin

Party Ready: Six Tips to Get Glowing Skin

The festive season is nearly upon us. No doubt our calendars will already be filling up with Christmas work events, soirees and mulled wine parties with friends and families. Not to mention the big day itself.

One of the hottest questions is how to get glowing skin ready for all these parties? The change in temperature and introduction of indoor heating can create havoc for our skin. From dry patches, to increased sensitivity and the all-too-common red cheeks. Not to mention the late nights, possibility of too little water and maybe a few too many drinks and wearing make-up every day.

Your skin is a living organ and just like the rest of your body and mind it requires some TLC. We want to help you achieve the coveted glowing skin, not just for the party season but for all year round.

So here are our top six tips to get glowing skin this festive period:

#1. To get the coveted glow, make sure you’re hydrated.

Making sure you’re hydrated is key to glowing skin. You need to ensure you’re drinking water throughout the day and the night, especially if you’re out and about. The Stanley Glow Quencher is made with recycled stainless steel and it not only keeps you hydrated, it looks good too.

Hydrated skin isn’t simply about drinking water, although this helps. Moisturising your skin is essential.

#2. Gentle exfoliation helps your skin glow bright.

The key to glowing skin is not stripping your skin. It’s all about nourishing. However, dead skin cells on the top of the skin can clog pores, cause breakouts and also impact the way your make-up sits on your skin. Dead skin cells are formed at the base of the epidermis, and gradually move up through the skin until they reach the outer surface, where they die, forming what is known as the "stratum corneum" - around 15-20 layers of dead cells.

Many people use harsh chemical exfoliators or exfoliate too much, this damages your skin barrier and causes more harm than good. Our gentle Red Algae cleansing soap, contains natural Red Algae flakes which gently exfoliate the top layer of skin without being too harsh.

Reveal brighter, smoother skin with our gentle Red Algae Cleansing Soap. Start your journey to glowing skin with a natural touch.

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#3 Remove your make-up every day.

It’s the festive season, you probably have events on more nights than you don’t. You might be getting in late and have that, ‘I can’t be bothered to remove my make-up feeling.’ Well, we hate to tell you what to do but you should be removing your make-up every day.

Makeup often contains ingredients that irritate the skin like dyes and perfumes. When left on the skin for long periods of time, these irritants can cause inflammation, irritation and redness.

You need to remove your make-up, cleanse and moisturise every evening and you’ll be restoring your natural glow every day.

#4 The key to glowing skin is all in the skin barrier

The skin barrier is what keeps the good things in and the bad things out. Most skincare contains chemicals that when used every day, can be harsh on your skin. Chemicals such as retinol, azelaic acid and tretinoin. These chemicals, while they may provide positive results at first on your skin, they gradually damage the skin barrier.

When the skin barrier is damaged, it starts to react to the external environment by producing redness, blemishes, dry patches and many more unpleasant side-effects.

Our Recovery & Repair Gel, is a natural daily-use Red Algae based gel. Its intensely moisturising while being rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients. It nourishes the skin, helping to rebuild the skin barrier and therefore protecting itself against the harsh environment.

Protect and nourish your skin barrier with our Recovery & Repair Gel. Experience the natural healing power of Red Algae.

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#5 Take a supplement like the Glow Shot

Taking ingestible skincare can really help provide those extra vitamins, minerals and nutrients your skin needs to have the coveted glow. Our Glow Shot is a unique blend of Collagen and Red Algae, helping to rebuild the proteins within the body, skin, hair and nails as well as providing extra anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories.

It comes in three delicious flavours, mango, elderflower and mixed berry.

Boost your skin’s health from within with our Glow Shot supplement. Choose your flavor and start your path to a radiant complexion.

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#6 Your skin’s daily multivitamin: The key to glowing skin.

Most of us take daily vitamins in some form. We are living in the age where people rely on supplements for their health. So what about a daily multi-vitamin for your skin? Our Recovery & Repair Gel is essentially this. It is rich in Red Algae which itself is rich in Vitamins A, C, E and B. These are all vitamins that help future-proof against ageing, lighten pigmentation, provide intense hydration and of course, the coveted glow.

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